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Brigadier General Edward B. Burdett:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Died Nov. 18, 1967.
Brigadier General Edward B. Burdett was born in Knoxville, Tenn., in 1921. He is a 1943 U.S. Military Academy graduate. His foreign service includes duties as a pilot in World War II, 1944-45; Canal Zone, 1050-52; Italy, 1954-57; Germany, 1964-65; England, 1965-67; Korat Air Base, Thailand, April 1967 until death.
Hahn Air Base duty: commander, 50th Combat Support Group, from April 1, 1964 to June 11, 1965, when he became vice wing commander of the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, serving until July 14, 1965.
He was commander, 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Korat Royal Thai Air Base. He departed Korat on Nov. 18, 1967 as pilot of number three aircraft in a flight of four F-105D's, on a strike mission over Phuc Yen Airfield, North Vietnam. His aircraft was hit by fragments. He completed his pass, released his bombs, and made a nearly level right turn to exit the area. His aircraft was on fire. He attempted to light his afterburner, was unsuccessful, and the aircraft went into uncontrollable spin into a cloud undercast. No ejection was seen or parachute observed. He was 18 miles west of Hanoi. He was held to be missing in action from Nov. 18, 1967 to Jan. 15, 1968, at which time sufficient evidence was received to warrant placing him in a captured status. Conclusive evidence was received on April 2, 1974 that he had died in captivity on Nov. 18, 1967.
Awards and decorations: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Soldier's Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, World War II Victory Medal, National Defense Service Medal. Also, he had been awarded pilot wings by the Bolivian Government.
(Aug. 4, 1977)


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