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Brigadier General James W. Andrew:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Retired Oct. 31, 1956.   Died Nov. 9, 1993.
James William Andrew was born in Palmyra, Ill., in 1902. He received a bachelor of arts degree in psychology in 1925 and a bachelor of arts degree in education in 1926, both from the University of Illinois, and June 30, 1926 was commissioned a second lieutenant of Air Corps in the Regular Army.
After completing primary and advanced flying schools at Brooks and Kelly fields in Texas, General Andrew was assigned as an instructor at Kelly Field. He entered the Air Corps Technical School at Chanute Field, Ill., in January 1931, graduated the following April and became Armament Officer of the Ninth Bombardment Squadron at March Field, Calif. That October General Andrew became a flying instructor at Randolph Field, Texas.
Transferred to Nichols Field, Philippine Islands in December 1932, General Andrew was assigned duty with the Second Observation Squadron and in January 1935 returned to Randolph Field, Texas as a flying instructor.
Graduating from the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field, Ala., in April 1940, General Andrew joined the First Provisional Group at Lowry Field, Colo. In February 1941 he was appointed director of training at Ellington Field, Texas and that December assumed the same position at the South Plains Army Flying School, Lubbock, Texas.
Reporting to Army Air Force Headquarters, Washington, D.C. in July 1942, General Andrew became chief of the Flying Training Section. He assumed command of Yuma Army Air Field, Yuma, Ariz., in January 1943, and the following October was assigned to a survey team of the War Department Manpower Board, in which capacity he served at Fort Myers, Fla., and Atlanta, Ga.
Assigned in April 1945 to Headquarters of the Eastern Flying Training Command at Maxwell Field, he became deputy air inspector and in January 1946 was named president of the Army Retirement Board at Fort George Wright, Wash.
Appointed Headquarters Commandant of the Pacific Air Command, U.S. at Tokyo, Japan, in March 1946, General Andrew retained that position when the PACUSA was redesignated Far East Air Forces.
Upon graduating from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in June 1949, General Andrew took command of the 5039th Air Depot Wing at Fort Richardson, Alaska, and in January 1951 was designated commanding officer of the 39th Air Depot Wing at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.
Joining the Air Defense Command in June 1951, General Andrew assumed command of the 78th Fighter-Interceptor Wing, with station at Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif. The following May he assumed command of the 28th Air Division there. Moving to Norton Air Force Base, Calif., in April 1954, General Andrew became commanding officer of the 27th Air Division.
General Andrew is rated a command pilot.
He was promoted to first lieutenant (permanent) June 1, 1932; to captain (permanent) June 30, 1936; to major (temporary) Dec. 30, 1940; to lieutenant colonel (temporary) Jan. 5, 1942; to colonel (temporary) March 1, 1942; to major (permanent) June 30, 1943; to colonel (permanent) April 2, 1948; to brigadier general (temporary) Sept. 5, 1952.


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