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Dr. Alan Garscadden:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Dr. Alan Garscadden, a member of the scientific and professional cadre of senior executives, is Chief Scientist, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. He serves as technical adviser to the laboratory commander on a wider spectrum of aeronautical research, including many facets of propulsion, aerospace power, hypersonics, laser physics, combustion and plasma phenomena and applications.
Dr. Garscadden, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, is known for his work in theoretical and experimental basic and applied research in nonequilibrium plasmas and energized gas flows, lasers, laser-based measurements, plasma-processing of thin films, optical and mass spectroscopic measurements, electron impact cross sections and their influence on electron transport and the derivation of collision cross sections from transport data. Dr. Garscadden has authored more than 250 publications and presentations and served on many organizing committees for both national and international meetings and symposiums, some of which were held in the United Kingdom, Japan and Europe.
Dr. Garscadden has served on various technical committees and several professional societies; reviewed more than 100 publications; has authored several book chapters and has conducted approximately 120 invited lectures and presentations to peer audiences, including plenary talks at international meetings. He has served as thesis adviser and adjunct professor for several local and national universities, and has been a research fellow at Wright Laboratory since 1988. He has been involved in various consultations and calculations on Department of Defense activities involving different diverse areas such as lasers, hypersonics, combustors, and laser and IR sources.
1958 Bachelor of science degree in physics, with honors, Queens University of Belfast
1962 Doctor of philosophy in physics, Queens University of Belfast
1. 1962 - 1975, research physicist, later, Director, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Aerospace Research Laboratories
2. 1975 - 1995, research physicist, later, Chief Scientist, Aero Propulsion and Power Directorate
3. 1995 - 1997, Chief Scientist, Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
4. 1997 - present, Chief Scientist, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, and Edwards AFB, Calif.
Research Fellow Award, Wright Laboratory
USAF Basic Research Award
2003 Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award
1969 - present, adjunct professor, Air Force Institute of Technology
1987 - 1989, adjunct professor, University of Oklahoma
1988 - present, research fellow, Wright Laboratory
1989 - 1994, adjunct professor, University of Texas
Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Former member, National Research Council Committee on plasma processing and data base
Former member, National Research Council Committee on plasma sciences
Past chairman, Gaseous Electronics Conference
Past chairman, Gordon Conference on plasma chemistry
Invited speaker at NATO Advanced Study Institutes
Invited speaker at European meetings on atomic and molecular physics
Former member, AIAA Technical Committee on plasma dynamics
Former associate editor, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Plasma Sciences Journal
Former joint editor, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Plasma Sciences Journal Special Issue
Technical committees for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and NATO
Member, board of visitors, Michigan State University Center for Sensor Research
University of Dayton Engineering Department
Trustee and liaison, Ohio Aerospace Institute
Trustee, Von Karman Institute, Brussels, Belgium


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