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Major General Clyde H. Mitchell:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Retired July 31, 1964.   Died June 22, 1994.
Clyde Henry Mitchell was born in Meigs County, Ohio, in 1905. He graduated from high school at Wellsville, Ohio in 1925, and entered the University of Detroit that fall.
In June 1928, he was appointed an aviation cadet, and received his flying training at March Field, Calif., and Kelly Field, Texas. On June 22, 1929, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Reserves and rated a pilot.
On Oct. 10, 1929 General Mitchell was commissioned a second lieutenant of the Air Corps in the National Guard of the United States and became active in the Michigan National Guard.
General Mitchell returned to the University of Detroit in the fall of 1929 from which he received a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical engineering in 1930. He spent the following years as a flying instructor and in industrial sales work.
In October 1940, General Mitchell was called to extended active duty as engineering officer of the 107th Observation Squadron at Esler Field, La. In July 1941, he was named Army Air Corps representative at the Curtiss-Wright Corporation in Buffalo, N.Y.
General Mitchell became a project officer in the Production Division of the Army Air Corps Materiel Command at Wright Field, Ohio, in December 1942; and in July 1943, was named assistant chief of the Fighter Branch there. In March 1944, he became chief of the Fighter Branch and in September 1944, was appointed chief of the Aircraft Sub-section, Production Section.
He reverted to inactive status March 2, 1946, returning to industrial sales work. The following five years he also was active in the New York Air National Guard and was commander of the 52nd Fighter Wing.
In August 1950, General Mitchell was recalled to extended active duty at Continental Air Command Headquarters, Mitchel Air Force Base, N.Y., as president of the Command Board of Appeals for delay in recall to active duty of Reserve Officers. In January 1952, he became a special assistant to the Director of Procurement and Production at Air Materiel Command Headquarters; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Four months later he became deputy chief of the Procurement Division, and in 1954, was made chief of the division. In July 1954, he was named deputy director for production.
On Aug. 1, 1957, General Mitchell was assigned as commander of Rome Air Force Depot, Griffiss Air Force Base, N.Y., and March 11, 1958, was promoted to the rank of major general.
He became commander, Electronics Systems Center, Laurence G. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass., Dec. 1, 1959.
On April 1, 1961 General Mitchell became the deputy chief of staff, Procurement and Materiel, for the newly created Air Force Systems Command.
General Mitchell became vice commander, Air Force Systems Command Nov. 1, 1961.
General Mitchell joined the Air Force Logistics Command where on Oct. 1, 1962 he assumed command of the San Bernardino Air Materiel Area at Norton Air Force Base, Calif.


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