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Major General Edmund C. Langmead:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Died Sep. 19, 1978.
Edmund C. Langmead was born in 1894 in Cleveland, Ohio. From May to November 1918, he served as a private first class in the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps Reserve, and in October 1920, became a private in a cadet detachment of the Air Corps. He was appointed a second lieutenant in the Air Corps, Regular Army, Aug. 24, 1921 and promoted immediately to first lieutenant.
The following three years General Langmead served at various Air Corps installations and in 1924 went to Luke Field, Hawaii, for duty with a provisional wing. In 1927 he became a flying instructor at the primary flying school at Brooks Field, Texas, and in 1930 was assigned to the Materiel Division at Wright Field, Ohio, where he served for five years.
General Langmead entered the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field, Ala., in 1935, graduated in 1936 and entered the Army Industrial College from which he graduated in 1937. He then was appointed Air Corps procurement planning representative for the Buffalo, N.Y., district.
In October 1939, General Langmead was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Air Corps as assistant in the Aircraft Coordination Unit. In January 1940, he became chief of the Foreign Order Coordination Branch in that office, and the following July was named liaison officer of the Materiel Division. He became executive of the engineering section, Materiel Division, in November 1940.
General Langmead, in February 1942, was appointed a staff officer in the Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for materiel and in January 1943, became chief of its Aircraft Division. Three months later he was named chief of the logistics plans section in the Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Plans and in July 1943, became executive to the assistant chief.
In September 1943, General Langmead joined the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Air Forces. A year later he became deputy commander of the First Tactical Air Force in that theater serving until June 1945. He was appointed in July 1945, chief of Air Staff for materiel. He became chief of its Supply Division in September 1945, and in January 1946 was named assistant to the assistant chief.
General Langmead was appointed deputy commander of the Sacramento, Calif., Air Materiel Area in February 1946, and in January 1947, became chief of the Procurement Division of the Munitions Board of the Department of Defense. In September 1948, he was named chief of the Program Analysis Division of the Munition Board, and the following March became military adviser of the Committee on Facilities and Services. In October 1949 he was appointed director for military programs of the Munitions Board, and the following May became assistant director of the staff. In January 1951, he assumed command of the San Bernardino Air Materiel area at Norton Air Force Base, Calif.
General Langmead has been awarded the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star Medal. He is rated a command pilot and aircraft observer.


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