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Major General Joseph H. Hicks:

Military Branch:United States Airforce
Retired April 30, 1954.   Died June 3, 1991.
Joseph Harold Hicks was born in Glenwood, Miss., in 1899. He graduated from high school at Lander, Wyo., in 1916, and attended the University of Wyo., for three years. He entered the U.S. Military Academy in August 1919, graduated and was commissioned a second lieutenant of Air Service June 12, l923.
General Hicks then began flying training and upon graduation from primary and advanced flying schools in June 1924, was rated a pilot. He graduated from the photographic course at the Air Service Technical School at Chanute Field, Ill., in August 1925. The following decade he served at various Air Corps stations.
In October 1935, General Hicks was named chief of the Supply Branch, Field Division, Materiel Command at Wright Field, Ohio. He was transferred to the Air Service Command at Patterson Field, Ohio, in November 1941. During June and July 1942, he was on detached service in England setting up supply organization and arranging facilities, after which he was reassigned to Patterson Field as chief of staff. In November 1942 he became chief of the Supply Division, Air Service Command at Kelly Field, Texas.
General Hicks assumed command of the Spokane, Wash., Air Service Command in October 1943, and in June 1944, became commander of the Warner-Robins Air Service at Robins Field, Ga. He was named deputy commander of Kelly Field in August 1944.
In November 1944, General Hicks was appointed chief of the Supply Division of the Far East Air Service Command, with station at Hollandia, New Guinea. In January 1946, he became chief of the Supply Division, Philippine Air Service Command, at Manila, and the following May assumed that position with the Japanese Air Materiel Area.
He was assigned in December 1947, as deputy for supply of Hill Air Force Base, Utah. He became commander of Hill Air Force Base in July 1948, and in December 1948, was transferred to Air Material Command headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, as chief of the Programs Monitoring Office, Directorate of Supply and Maintenance.
In March 1951, General Hicks was appointed commanding general of the 7300th Materiel Control Group (Mutual Defense Assistance Program) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the following month was transferred with the group to the U.S. Air Force in Europe for station at Chateauraux, France.
In September 1951, he was named commander of the 73rd Air Depot Wing, also at Chateauraux, with additional duty as commander of the 7300th Materiel Control group. He was relieved of his additional duty in October 1952.
General Hicks retired July 31, 1953, and was recalled to active duty Aug. 1, 1953, in the same position. He became assistant chief of staff for Materiel at U.S. Air Forces in Europe headquarters in November 1953.
He is rated a command pilot, combat observer and technical observer.


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