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Rear Admiral (Select) Raymond P. English:

Military Branch:United States Navy
Position: Supply Corps Commanding Officer, Naval Supply Support Battalion One
Rear Admiral (Select) Ray English attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, and his commission in 1975 through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.
Rear Adm. (Select) English is currently assigned as Commanding Officer, Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force’s Navy Supply Support Battalion One, Phoenix, Ariz.
Upon graduation from Navy Supply Corps School in the fall 1975, he accepted a position on Admiral Rickover’s Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program headquarters staff in Arlington, Va.
Rear Adm. (Select) English began his Naval Reserve career in January 1985 in the Defense Contract Administration Region – Cleveland unit. Subsequent tours included: Commanding Officer, Naval Weapons Station Earle Detachment 505, Moundsville, W.V.; Defense Supply Center Columbus, Ohio, two tours; Officer-in-Charge, Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Nine Detachment C; Executive Officer and Commanding Officer, Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Nine, Columbus, Ohio; Assistant Chief of Staff for Readiness and then ACOS, Mission Effectiveness, Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force, Williamsburg, Va.; and Commanding Officer, NR Fleet Industrial Supply Center Norfolk Headquarters 107, Norfolk, Va.
Rear Adm. (Select) English was recalled to active duty for Operation Desert Storm with NCHB Nine from April 1991 to July 1991 as the battalion’s Operations Officer in Rota, Spain and in 2004 as Group Commander, NAVELSF, Forward Alpha operating in Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Since June 1980, he has been the Transportation Officer, Pittsburgh Naval Reactors Office responsible for coordinating and managing the NNPP’s shipments of new and spent naval reactor fuel, the railcar fleet used for NNPP shipments, the nuclear fuel shipment escorts, naval spent fuel shipment stakeholder interactions/public outreach and prime contractor transportation and logistics.
His personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal and Navy Achievement Medal. He is a member of the Naval Reserve Association. In 2002, Rear Adm. (Select) English earned a Masters of Business Administration, Environmental Management, with honors, from Duquesne University.
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