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Military Biographies by Last Name - A

Major General Richard Sargent Abbey Brigadier General Woodrow A. Abbott
Brigadier General Richard F. Abel Lieutenant General James A. Abrahamson
Major General George R. Acheson Major General William P. Acker
Major General John B. Ackerman Brigadier General Charles J. Adams
Brigadier General Harold B. Adams Brigadier General Patrick O. Adams
General Jimmie V. Adams Lieutenant General Ranald T. Adams Jr.
Major General Christopher S. Adams Jr. Major General Milton B. Adams
Brigadier General Harry C. "Heinie" Aderholt Major General Elmer E. Adler
Lieutenant General Arthur C. Agan Dr. Forrest J. Agee
Major General Sam Wilkerson Agee Major General Walter R. Agee
Major General Joseph A. Ahearn Major General Timothy I. Ahern
Lieutenant General James H. Ahmann Michael A. Aimone
Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Paul Wesley Airey Chaplain (Brigadier General) John F. Albert
Lieutenant General John G. Albert Brigadier General James P. Albritton
Major General Louis O. Alder Major General Thomas A. Aldrich
Edward C. Aldridge Jr. Lieutenant General Donald O. Aldridge
Brigadier General Edward H. Alexander Brigadier General Michael H. Alexander
Lieutenant General Robert M. Alexander Rear Admiral Raymond K. Alexander
Rear Admiral William Van Meter Alford, Jr. Brigadier General Darr H. Alkire
Major General M. Gary Alkire Rear Admiral James S. Allan
Brigadier General James S. Allen Brigadier General John J. "Joe" Allen
Brigadier General John R. Allen Jr. General James R. Allen
General Lew Allen Jr. Major General Brooke Empie Allen
Major General Jerrold P. Allen Major General Jesse M. Allen
Brigadier General Kenneth E. Allery Lieutenant General Royal Bertram Allison
Brigadier General Conrad S. Allman Brigadier General (Dr.) Theodore C. Almquist
Lieutenant General Harvey T. Alness Gregory A. Alston
Brigadier General Gary A. Ambrose Rear Admiral Christopher C. Ames
Brigadier General Russell J. Anarde Clarence R. "Dick" Anderegg
Brigadier General Frank J. Anderson Jr. Brigadier General Winston P. Anderson
Christine M. Anderson General Samuel E. Anderson
Lieutenant General Andrew B. Anderson Jr. Lieutenant General (Dr.) Edgar R. Anderson Jr.
Lieutenant General Marcus A. Anderson Major General Alvord Van Patten Anderson Jr.
Major General Charles H. Anderson Major General (Dr.) George K. Anderson
Major General Earl O. Anderson Major General Edward W. Anderson
Major General Frederick L. Anderson Jr. Major General Kurt B. Anderson
Major General Orvil Anderson Rear Admiral David O. Anderson
Brigadier General James W. Andrew Brigadier General Carl W. Andrews
Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Arthur L. "Bud" Andrews Dr. Dee H. Andrews
Major General James E. Andrews Rear Admiral Thomas L. Andrews, III
Major General James G. Andrus Rear Admiral Peter L. Andrus
Major General Francis L. Ankenbrandt Major General Rollen Henry "Buck" Anthis
Brigadier General Chris T. Anzalone Major General Earl J. Archer Jr.
Rear Admiral David Architzel Brigadier General William P. Ard
Brigadier General Bernard Ardisana Brigadier General Wilbur W. Aring
Major General James B. Armor Jr. Lieutenant General Frank Alton Armstrong Jr.
Lieutenant General Malcolm B. Armstrong Lieutenant General Spence M. Armstrong
Major General Harry George Armstrong General Henry H. Arnold
Lieutenant General Brian A. Arnold Major General Larry K. Arnold
Major General Walter E. Arnold Robert J. Arnold
Vice Admiral Donald C. Arthur Major General Fred J. Ascani
Lieutenant General Manuel J. Asensio Brigadier Milton H. Ashkins
General Joseph W. Ashy Brigadier General Loring R. Astorino
Brigadier General Dana T. Atkins Lieutenant General Joseph H. Atkinson
Major General Anderson W. Atkinson Brigadier General Richard L. Ault
Major General Gordon Harrison Austin Major General Clarence R. Autery
Major General Clyde F. Autio Brigadier General Horace D. Aynesworth



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