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Military Biographies by Last Name - F

Brigadier General William L. Fagg Lieutenant General James A. Fain Jr.
Brigadier General William H. Fairbrother General Muir S. Fairchild
Lieutenant General John S. Fairfield Brigadier General Gerald G. Fall Jr.
Admiral William J. Fallon Major General Harry Falls Jr.
Brigadier General Ivan Lonsdale Farman Dr. Barry L. Farmer
Major General William P. Farnsworth Lieutenant General Lawrence P. Farrell Jr.
Brigadier General Anthony J. Farrington Jr. Major General John R. Farrington
Brigadier General Kelton M. Farris Major General Jack K. Farris
Major General Courtney L. Faught Lieutenant General Lincoln D. Faurer
Major General Dudley E. Faver Major General Frank R. Faykes
Major General James E. Fechet Theodore G. Fecke
Brigadier General Gregory A. Feest Rear Admiral Mark R. Feichtinger
Major General Salvador E. Felices Brigadier General Richard W. Fellows
Dr. Janet S. Fender Brigadier General Alonzo L. Ferguson
General James Ferguson Kathleen I. Ferguson
Lieutenant General Thomas R. Ferguson Jr. Rear Admiral Mark E. Ferguson III
Major General Frederick A. Fiedler Brigadier General Burton M. Field
Brigadier General Edsel R. Field Brigadier General John L. Finan
Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Frederick J. Finch Major General Vern M. "Rusty" Findley II
Dr. David Finkleman Thomas K. Finletter
Chaplain (Major General) Terence P. Finnegan Lieutenant General Eugene H. Fischer
Lieutenant General Howard M. Fish Brigadier General Ralph E. Fisher
Major General William P. Fisher Lieutenant General Bruce L. Fister
A. Ernest Fitzgerald Vice Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald
Brigadier General James M. Fitzmaurice Brigadier General John T. Fitzwater
Rear Admiral (Select) Karen Flaherty Brigadier General Kenneth R. Fleenor
Brigadier General Thomas O. Fleming Jr. Major General Lawrence J. Fleming
Major General Paul J. Fletcher Brigadier General Don D. Flickinger
Brigadier General Alfred K. Flowers Major General Bobby O. Floyd
Lieutenant General John P. Flynn Brigadier General James M. Fogle
General Ronald R. Fogleman General Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong
Major General John H. Folkerts Lieutenant General Phillip J. Ford
Major General Thomas R. Ford Major General David W. Forgan
Brigadier General Robert D. Forman Lieutenant General Gordon E. Fornell
Major General Billy B. Forsman Brigadier General Maurice H. Forsyth
Major General Larry D. Fortner Brigadier General Robert A. Foster
Major General Benjamin D. Foulois Brigadier General John G. Fowler
Brigadier General Lawrence A. Fowler Rear Admiral Jeffrey (Jeff) L. Fowler
Brigadier General Charles E. Fox Jr. Don W. Fox
Major General Cecil E. Fox Major General L. Dean Fox
Lieutenant General Carl E. Franklin Lieutenant General Charles E. Franklin
Major General James O. Frankosky Lieutenant General William M. Fraser III
Major General Douglas M. Fraser Dr. John M. Frazier
Pamela L. Frazier Gerry L. Freisthler
Brigadier General H.A. French Brigadier General John French
Brigadier General James E. Freytag Dr. Barry E. Fridling
Lieutenant General Robert J. Friedman Brigadier General John Edward Frizen
Major General John C. Fryer Jr. Dr. Robert Q. Fugate
Major General Martin C. Fulcher Brigadier General Randal D. "Randy" Fullhart
Brigadier General William C. Fullilove Major General Lee W. Fulton
Major General Ben Ivan Funk Brigadier General Harold F. Funsch
Lieutenant General Raymond B. Furlong  



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