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Military Biographies by Last Name - P

Dr. Ruth Pachter Major General Alvin Louis Pachynski
Major General Maurice C. Padden Major General Jerry D. Page
Rear Admiral Kathleen K. Paige Major General Leighton R. Palmerton
Brigadier General Walter P. Paluch Jr. Major General Susan L. Pamerleau
Brigadier General George A. Pappas Jr. Ernest A. Parada
Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Sam E. Parish Brigadier General (Dr.) Gerald W. Parker
Major General Lewis R. Parker Major General Robert W. Parker
Paul A. Parker Major General Harlan C. Parks
Brigadier General Noel F. Parrish Brigadier General Benton K. Partin
General Earle E. Partridge Lieutenant General Lee M. Paschall
Major General James E. Paschall Major General Richard M. Pascoe
Brigadier General Ralph Pasini Rear Admiral Robert O. Passmore
Major General Paul F. Patch Major General Mason M. Patrick
Brigadier General George K. Patterson Lieutenant General Robert A. Patterson
Major General Robert B. Patterson Lieutenant General Charles C. Pattillo
Major General Cuthbert A. Pattillo Brigadier General David L. Patton
Major General John S. Patton Major General Marvin C. Patton
Dr. Donald B. Paul Major General Richard R. Paul
Major General John R. Paulk Major General Robert W. Paulson
General John W. Pauly Major General Michael D. Pavich
Brigadier General J. Gregory Pavlovich Brigadier General Ellen M. Pawlikowski
Major General Don H. Payne Rear Admiral William H. Payne
Brigadier General Hume Peabody Brigadier Gereral Albert L. Pearl
Major General Wilbert D. "Doug" Pearson Jr. Gerald F. "Fred" Pease Jr.
Major General Randall D. Peat Brigadier General John A. Pechuls
Brigadier General Allen G. Peck Brigadier General Walter R. Peck
Major General Earl G. Peck Major General William A. Peck Jr.
Major General David J. Pederson Brigadier General Attilio Pedroli
Lieutenant General Kenneth L. Peek Jr. Brigadier General Rudolf F. Peksens
Major General Andrew J. Pelak Jr. Brigadier General Wesley L. Pendergraft
James R. "Jim" Pennino Major General Timothy A. Peppe
Kenneth I. Percell Rear Admiral Robert R. Percy, III
Major General Charles H. Perez Anthony J. Perfilio
Brigadier General Richard E. Perraut Jr. Lieutenant General Leonard H. Perroots
Major General Gerald F. Perryman Jr. Major General John W. Persons
Brigadier General John D. Peters F. Whitten Peters
Brigadier General Norman L. Peterson Leif E. Peterson
Lieutenant General Donald L. Peterson Major General Carl D. Peterson
Major General Chesley G. Peterson Major General Michael W. Peterson
Major General M. Roger Peterson Major General Quentin L. Peterson
Major General Teresa MarnÚ Peterson Major General Robert L. Petit
Brigadier General Donald P. Pettit Brigadier General Robert O. Petty
Brigadier General Jimmy C. Pettyjohn Brigadier General Polly A. Peyer
Major General James C. Pfautz Chief Master Sergeant Of The Air Force Gary R. Pfingston
Brigadier General Basil H. Pflumm Brigadier General Roger E. Phelan
General Samuel C. Phillips Major General James F. Phillips
Major General John F. Phillips Major General Richard W. Phillips Jr.
Rear Admiral Robert L. Phillips Lieutenant General Jammie M. Philpott
Lieutenant General Oliver S. Picher Lieutenant General John L. Pickitt
Brigadier General Charles A. Piddock Brigadier General Arthur J. Pierce
Major General Russell K. Pierce Jr. Major General Richard A. Pierson
Brigadier General Jeffrey S. Pilkington Brigadier General Thomas D. Pilsch
Brigadier General Thomas C. Pinckney Jr. Brigadier General Gladwyn E. Pinkston
Major General Ernest A. Pinson General John L. Piotrowski
Major General Don D. Pittman Brigadier General John E. Pitts Jr.
Lieutenant General William F. Pitts Brigadier General Michael F. Planert
Dr. John H. Pletcher Jr. Lieutenant General Kenneth E. Pletcher
Brigadier General Robert B. Plowden Jr. Brigadier General (Dr.) Frederick W. Plugge Iv
Lieutenant General Stephen B. Plummer Brigadier General Eugene M. Poe Jr.
General Bryce Poe II Brigadier General (Dr.) Robert W. Poel
Brigadier General Douglas C. Polhamus Lieutenant General Steven R. Polk
Brigadier General Walter H. Poore Brigadier General Edward H. Porter
Major General Harry C. Porter Major General William J. Porter
Brigadier General John A. Des Portes Brigadier General James N. Portis
Major General Jack I. Posner Lieutenant General Gerald J. Post
Lieutenant General Freddie L. Poston Major General Charles H. Pottenger
Rear Admiral (Select) Carol M. Pottenger Chaplain (Major General) Lorraine K. Potter
Ronald A. Poussard Brigadier General Harvard W. Powell
Major General Cecil W. Powell Major General James F. Powell
Major General Kenneth R. Powell Major General William Henry Powell Jr.
General Thomas S. Power Major General Gregory H. Power
Lieutenant General Winston D. Powers Major General Edward M. Powers
Major General George B. Powers Jr. Major General Gerald L. Prather
Lieutenant General Everett H. Pratt Jr. Major General Henry C. Pratt
Rear Admiral (Select) John J. Prendergast III Major General Bobby W. Presley
Brigadier General Raymond C. Preston Jr. General Maurice A. Preston
Major General Joseph J. Preston Rear Admiral Noel G. Preston
Major General Paul T. Preuss Brigadier General Oran O. Price
Major General George E. Price Major General Harold L. Price
Major General James L. Price Rear Admiral Fenton F. Priest III
Brigadier General Philip S. Prince Brigadier General Hoyt L. Prindle
Major General Andrew Pringle Jr. Brigadier General Gilbert L. Pritchard
Major General Glenn A. Profitt II Brigadier General Albert L. Pruden Jr.
Brigadier General Richard W. Pryor Major General Anthony F. Przybyslawski
Lieutenant General Robert E. Pursley Major General Romulus W. Puryear
Lieutenant General John S. Pustay Major General Walter B. Putnam
Lieutenant General Donald Leander Putt  



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